But why didn’t you call it Plan A?



We are your company’s talent contingency plan.

Whether you have an internal talent acquisition function, or hire staff by nature of your role, the unexpected happens.

Deadlines, project extensions, resignations, internal transfers, new business wins.

Many of these can catch you off guard. Or simply, competing priorities take precedence, allowing the time you need to find the right staff, slip.

Whether you need a “just in time” workforce, or an urgent vacancy has come up, Plan B is available to meet your contingent needs in a timely and professional manner.

You’re different. So our approach is never the same.

We know that every company and its culture are different. As such, our consultants take the time to gain a thorough understanding of your environment and skills-needs: the unique blend between experience, capability and culture fit.

We pride ourselves on supplying you with the best talent at the right time, whilst exercising the highest degree of integrity and transparency.

Plan B Philosophy

Temporary Placements

Having the right skills available when you need them on the ground is crucial to you saving time and money. We will help you source the best person quickly, without compromising on skill set or culture fit.

Permanent Placements

When it comes to a long-term placement on your team, we believe quality will always come before quantity. Meaning, we take the time to take a detailed brief through a consultative, customised approach.

We will not rush you a short-list of ill-matched candidates, nor will we present a person for interview should they not be a suitable match.

Utilising comprehensive interviewing, skill testing, and background checking processes, Plan B is committed to finding the candidate that has the skills, experience and attitude you’re looking for.