4 Myths Keeping You Stuck in an Unhappy Career

A woman with long brown hair stands in front of a blackboard with arms crossed looking confused. On the blackboard in white chalk either side of is an arrow pointing off in opposite directions. One side says GO the other side says STAY. Above her head there are 3 question marks drawn with white chalk.

Over recent years many people have been holding on to jobs or careers they are unhappy in due to fear and uncertainty. Sticking with the ‘known’ in fear of the ‘unknown’ to maintain some semblance of control in life. People are waiting out the pandemic, with lives on hold until things return to normal but what is normal now, and how long can you justify being unhappy waiting for life as it was pre-Covid?

There are many things you can do to reset your mindset and find new opportunities where you are right now or take the leap to a new adventure. Either way, you will grow, after all isn’t that what humans desire? I love the quote from the philosophical writer Allan Watts, ‘You are under no obligation to be who you were 5 minutes ago.’

To gain control in your life you must take action, doing nothing is what leads to a lack of control.

In an article written by Caroline Ceniza-Levine, Senior Contributor from Forbes magazine called 4 Myths Keeping you Stuck in an Unhappy Career, Ceniza-Levine unpacks these limiting beliefs.

If you don’t know how much longer you can keep going in your unhappy job, check to see if one of these 4 myths are keeping you there

Myth 1: I must quit my job to improve my career

Even if you decide to quit, there are other things you can do to improve your situation well before leaving your current job.

Negotiate. Explore a lateral move and transfer to another department. Do your job but focus efforts on improving your personal brand or nurturing your network. Take quitting off the table until you’re further along in your career exploration. (“4 Myths Keeping You Stuck in An Unhappy Career”)

Myth 2: I just need to be patient

On the flip side of assuming you will quit is the equally risky myth that you should never quit. Markets, companies and jobs change, so nothing is guaranteed. Leaving your job is a possibility (just don’t make it a predetermined conclusion).

Myth 3: Now isn’t a good time to find a new job

People get hired in down markets. You will always have obligations outside of work. Yes, tending to your emotional state and energy level is important, but do that as the first step of your career exploration. There is no perfect time to launch a job search, but now is the best time because it’s the only time. Taking action in the present is the one thing in your control.

Myth 4: I can’t afford to change careers

Look at how you can repackage your skills, think outside the square rather than returning to study. Perhaps you move from a lower-paying role and industry (newspaper reporting) to a better-paying one (corporate communications). Perhaps you can change from a commissioned based role (banking) to a regular salary (education) the continuity means that your day-to-day living is not impacted. Do your own research about what your ideal career requires and what it pays before assuming that it’s out of reach.

In the meantime, write a love letter to your current job

Write down all the positive aspects of your job. By redirecting your focus away from what isn’t working to all the things that are working. The positive feelings will make you a more attractive job candidate. It will help to focus on solutions over problems. You may decide your job is not so bad after all, or even if you still want to leave, you’ll be able to launch a happier, more productive job search

Have you thought about a career change but held off due to Covid? Are you guilty of believing any of these myths? Is it time to take control of your life?

If you have written your love letter and are ready to say goodbye to your current career, call Plan B Recruitment to chat with one of our consultants, let us help you to discover your next move.

Sarah J Brady

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