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Tips for your first day

The night before starting any new job is always filled with anticipation, excitement and, unfortunately, nerves and anxiety. There are a lot of worries that everyone has before their first day. Some worry about fitting in with a new team and being liked, others worry about their performance and not knowing what to do. Working

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Social Media in the Workforce

It would be a revelation to none to say that the Internet is how employers are meeting and assessing potential employees. While the majority of Australians will troll Seek and other job boards to find new opportunities, it is worth noting that perhaps the most powerful tool at your fingertips is your social media accounts.

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How to manage volume applications

As a recruiter, when you are working on a role with an accounting firm and you open a CV that expresses interest in becoming a Veterinary nurse, you immediately question whether the applicant has even looked at the role. If a passion for the industry is essential, you may have just lost yourself that job.

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Thank you for all of the support you have given us. We always look for business partners that treat clients the way in which you would personally wish to be treated. Plan B certainly does this and more. Your genuine and dynamic approach to understanding our business needs, in addition to practical and honest solutions will ensure we do business together for a long time to come
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