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Staying Active at Work

Maintaining an active lifestyle in conjunction with your 9 to 5 can be a challenge. Humans were never built to sit behind computer screens for 38 hours each week. Our bodies are made to be move and be active. Some choose to hit the gym before or after work, finding energy and motivation poses just

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What it takes to become an EA

One question we receive frequently from our junior candidates is “how can I become an Executive Assistant?” With little-to-no experience, it can seem like an uphill battle. You may strike gold and find a company willing to invest the time into training you up from scratch, however, these opportunities are few and far between. Jessica

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Three Questions for an Expert: HR Business Partner

Monique is one of my earliest mentors in Recruitment. I worked as a Resourcer for her team way back in the early 2000’s, gradually learning to ply my craft in Recruitment. Since then, Monique has been a Plan B client, a Plan B temp, and most importantly – a good friend! She is currently the

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We often require admin and support staff in a hurry. Plan B Recruitment have been our supplier of choice in this area for some time now. Nothing is ever an issue, the rates are always good, and we can happily rely on the staff at Plan B to get us an outcome quickly.
Nicholas CEOMelbourne