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Graduate Recruitment

Why Your CV is Being Overlooked. As many young graduates prepare to launch their career these coming months, some less fortunate graduates face the daunting reality that not everyone gets hired straight out of university. Australia has a fantastic tertiary education system that enables just about everyone to peruse higher education. As a result, the

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When you find yourself on the ‘outside’ at work…

I recently came across this great article which summed up the plight of many candidates that we meet who need a Plan B. All of us have experienced the ever-changing facets of the workplace; whether it be new management, revised role responsibilities, or a different cultural direction. This is all fine, except when you somehow

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Starting 2019 Strong

Christmas time has been and gone, New Year’s celebrations have left us all a little worse for wear. Now, as we drag our feet back into the office, it is time for some New Year workplace inspiration. Conquering all of your 2019 goals takes time, determination and most importantly, planning. By using the quiet first

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We have a great relationship with John from Plan B and have found him to be quick to respond, professional and a partner with high integrity!
Paula HR ManagerMelbourne