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“If there’s a Doubt, Leave them Out”

“If there’s a doubt, leave them out.” I first heard this piece of recruitment wisdom back in early 2001. I was temping at IPA Personnel on Collins St in their internal call centre, where I was tasked with filtering out the bad applicants from the good, all of which were responding by phone to newspaper

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Why we do Face-to-Face Interviews

Starting a new job will always be a little daunting and you never really know what to expect when jumping into a new field head first…But some things you can almost never prepare for. One of which I have recently learned is the manifestation of a person whom you simply have only had a phone

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Plan B Turns 9!

When I started Plan B in August of 2010, I was simply keen to get to the end of the year. Starting a business is a like jumping off a cliff, and hoping you grow wings. 2011 came along and then the goal was to make it to 2012… and so on. Even though I

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Thank you for all of the support you have given us. We always look for business partners that treat clients the way in which you would personally wish to be treated. Plan B certainly does this and more. Your genuine and dynamic approach to understanding our business needs, in addition to practical and honest solutions will ensure we do business together for a long time to come
Nick General ManagerMelbourne