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Managing Your Recruitment Process: Applications

How to manage multiple job applications. Job hunting is a difficult process. Between the endless number of job boards and personal networks, a surplus of opportunities can make even the savviest of job seekers overwhelmed. While it may seem logical to apply for as many as you can in order to bolster your chances of

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Join the Plan B Story!

This is a rare opportunity to springboard your recruitment story with one of Melbourne’s favourite boutique agencies. A little about us… Plan B opened its doors in 2010 with the vision to be one the favourite boutique recruitment agencies in Melbourne. The name came from the idea that when businesses recruit, Plan A is to

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Your time vs. Company time. Who wins?

One of our recently-placed Administrators walked out of a management meeting half-way through stating that “It was now her lunch hour”. Suffice to say, her managers sat there stunned as she waltzed out the door; she had gone from being a temporary contractor to accepting the role permanently a week before. She then quit two

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We often require admin and support staff in a hurry. Plan B Recruitment have been our supplier of choice in this area for some time now. Nothing is ever an issue, the rates are always good, and we can happily rely on the staff at Plan B to get us an outcome quickly.
Nicholas CEOMelbourne