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Somehow Related: Resumes and Fly-Fishing

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love a good analogy. One of my favourite recruitment-based analogies is that preparing your job application should be like preparing your lure for fly fishing. I’m no fisherman, but having fishing-obsessed family members and having seen enough episodes of “A River Somewhere”, there’s definitely a link between the

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147+ Job Applications? Tips to stay motivated.

When economic downturns hit, the number of jobs decrease, and to make matters worse, the number of applicants increase. Most people experience a longer amount of time, and a larger amount of rejections during these times. I asked some candidates, as well as a hiring manager to ask what strategies and advice that can help

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Client Services Consultant

This is a wonderful role that combines customer service, problem solving and guidance through one of Australia’s best Real Estate online platforms. $49K Package + Up to $12,000 in annual bonuses. Awesome team, excellent training and incentives, as well as real development opportunities down the track. Check it out on our jobs page!

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I have been a client of John’s for over 10 years. He’s great in taking time to understand your business and role, and then fitting the right person.
ElizabethSenior Performance LeaderMelbourne