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Dylan: From Temp to Top

Temping can sometimes feel like a ‘nowhere’ option, where large companies see contractors as a short-term means to an end. However, the rewards are there for contractors who look to make a difference and better themselves and the companies they work for. Dylan Mealmaker is one such contractor who I placed as a Customer Service

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Job Hunting This Holiday Season

Some people will say it is far too soon to be talking about Christmas. Usually I would agree, however in the recruitment world, it is perfect timing. As Christmas approaches, the job market changes considerably. Organisations either increase efforts or postpone their recruitment of new starters, leaving job seekers in an awkward limbo. Many companies

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Business casual

Business casual has become the new norm in terms of how to dress for a job interview or around the office. Gone are the days where you knew to wear a suit to an interview, welcome to the era where vague, cryptic dressing instructions cause waves of anxiety. It is an issue we all face

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We often require admin and support staff in a hurry. Plan B Recruitment have been our supplier of choice in this area for some time now. Nothing is ever an issue, the rates are always good, and we can happily rely on the staff at Plan B to get us an outcome quickly.
Nicholas CEOMelbourne