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Thinking about temping?

Permanent work isn’t always possible for everyone. Whether it is due to Visa restrictions, personal limitations or simply a short term financial solution while looking for permanent work, temping is a great way to build experience, skills, diversity and, let’s be honest, income. Whatever the reason behind needing temp work may be, there are a

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The candidate’s offer

The job market has become increasingly competitive for both candidates and organisations. Companies are having to become more and more competitive in their offers to candidates in order to secure the best talent. A few months ago, I was speaking to a friend of mine who works in internal recruitment. She expressed the issues she

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Tips for your first day

The night before starting any new job is always filled with anticipation, excitement and, unfortunately, nerves and anxiety. There are a lot of worries that everyone has before their first day. Some worry about fitting in with a new team and being liked, others worry about their performance and not knowing what to do. Working

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Plan B Recruitment, in particular John Brownell, have provided a very efficient service when we have needed urgent temps/contractors throughout our business. The response time has been rapid and all candidates have been more than capable to do the job we have required
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