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Is Using an Agency the Right Move?

As Plan B Recruitment is an agency, you might think it is weird that we are writing this article. Truth be told, honesty is the best policy and it isn’t always a common practice in this industry. Recruitment agencies can be a fantastic way to find great candidates on short notice, or within candidate short

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Plan B turns 8 today!

2010 doesn’t seem that long ago. I was in a steady recruitment role of 6.5 years with a well-established organisation… but I knew something was missing. I had climbed every mountain in that role and it was simply time to become part of a larger, riskier and more exciting landscape. Starting a business is like

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Is your overflowing inbox causing you anxiety?

The average employee receives 121 emails per day and sends roughly 40. That is a huge amount of information that we are expected to not only read but also understand, interpret and respond to. Anxiety, stress, lack of focus and confusion are all common side affects of a never ending influx of emails. In the

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We have a great relationship with John from Plan B and have found him to be quick to respond, professional and a partner with high integrity!
Paula HR ManagerMelbourne