Can’t get in? Look for the Side Door.

Early in your career, it’s hard to get the exact role you are after in the corporate world. You will […]

Are you overanswering in your interviews?

During the lockdowns (and still to this day I became a little bit ‘bingey’ with real-life crime-based YouTube Channels, most […]

Accounts Receivable Specialist

Our Client is one of the most progressive and reputable aged care home providers, offering more than 50 elegant, well-located […]

A woman with long brown hair stands in front of a blackboard with arms crossed looking confused. On the blackboard in white chalk either side of is an arrow pointing off in opposite directions. One side says GO the other side says STAY. Above her head there are 3 question marks drawn with white chalk.
4 Myths Keeping You Stuck in an Unhappy Career

Over recent years many people have been holding on to jobs or careers they are unhappy in due to fear […]

Thinking about temping?

Permanent work isn’t always possible for everyone. Whether it is due to Visa restrictions, personal limitations or simply a short […]

Why Unemployment is set to stay below 5% for years to come

Unfathomably, Australia’s unemployment rate has sunk to 3.5%. Even harder to believe is that it will soon sink lower – perhaps […]

“Alarming”: A third of bosses actively discourage staff working from home

The insistence of some bosses to keep employees coming into the office even when they are technically permitted to work from […]

The War for Workers as we exit Lockdown

The waiter who used to stack pancakes at your favourite cafe may now be pulling shifts on a building site, […]

“If there’s a doubt, leave them out.”

I first heard this piece of recruitment wisdom in my rookie years. I was temping at IPA Personnel on Collins […]

Site Administrator

This is a brilliant opportunity to be part of a highly-regarded organisation in the field of community health care.  Due […]

Customer Service Consultant

This role is a little different! Play an essential part with this widely-known and much-loved Real Estate webtech organisation. You’ll […]

EA with Retail Icon

Seize this brilliant opportunity to work for one of Australia’s leading fashion retailers in a unique role that blends HR […]

Somehow Related: Resumes and Fly-Fishing

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love a good analogy. One of my favourite recruitment-based analogies is that preparing […]

147+ Job Applications? Tips to stay motivated.

When economic downturns hit, the number of jobs decrease, and to make matters worse, the number of applicants increase. Most […]

Client Services Consultant

This is a wonderful role that combines customer service, problem solving and guidance through one of Australia’s best Real Estate […]

Payments Specialist/Analyst

We’re hiring! Due to business growth, this progressive Energy Analytics and Optimisation consultancy is in need of a Payments Specialist/Analyst. […]

Career path adventures

When John asked me to write a blog post I was stumped. I had not written in a few years […]

Setting yourself up for success.

Our lives are so packed with things we need to do, it is often hard to find time to work […]

Plan B’s Team for 2020

It has been a whirlwind 3 months here at Plan B. We have a new look team, as we welcomed […]

“If there’s a Doubt, Leave them Out”

“If there’s a doubt, leave them out.” I first heard this piece of recruitment wisdom back in early 2001. I […]

Why we do Face-to-Face Interviews

Starting a new job will always be a little daunting and you never really know what to expect when jumping […]

Plan B Turns 9!

When I started Plan B in August of 2010, I was simply keen to get to the end of the […]

Oh Kate, We’ll Miss You!

It’s always a bittersweet day when you say goodbye to a wonderful team-mate that has been instrumental to the growth […]

How to Turn Down a Job Offer Without Burning Bridges.

There are infinite job opportunities when you’re looking for your next career move. While it is often a struggle to […]

Managing Your Recruitment Process: Applications

How to manage multiple job applications. Job hunting is a difficult process. Between the endless number of job boards and […]

Join the Plan B Story!

This is a rare opportunity to springboard your recruitment story with one of Melbourne’s favourite boutique agencies. A little about […]

Your time vs. Company time. Who wins?

One of our recently-placed Administrators walked out of a management meeting half-way through stating that “It was now her lunch […]

How to Regain Your Motivation

Everyone has times where they find themselves disinterested in their job. Whether it is a lack of direction, repetition or […]

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

Hard work is necessary to be successful in any job, however there are two versions: working long hours and being […]

Graduate Recruitment

Why Your CV is Being Overlooked. As many young graduates prepare to launch their career these coming months, some less […]

When you find yourself on the ‘outside’ at work…

I recently came across this great article which summed up the plight of many candidates that we meet who need […]

Starting 2019 Strong

Christmas time has been and gone, New Year’s celebrations have left us all a little worse for wear. Now, as […]

Is Your Career in a Rut?

As we approach the New Year, it is important to reflect on the year that has been and the year […]

Building a Career Plan

Career plans are a great tool that are often undervalued, overlooked and forgotten. No matter what stage you are at […]

Staying Active at Work

Maintaining an active lifestyle in conjunction with your 9 to 5 can be a challenge. Humans were never built to […]

What it takes to become an EA

One question we receive frequently from our junior candidates is “how can I become an Executive Assistant?” With little-to-no experience, […]

Three Questions for an Expert: HR Business Partner

Monique is one of my earliest mentors in Recruitment. I worked as a Resourcer for her team way back in […]

Dylan: From Temp to Top

Temping can sometimes feel like a ‘nowhere’ option, where large companies see contractors as a short-term means to an end. […]

Job Hunting This Holiday Season

Some people will say it is far too soon to be talking about Christmas. Usually I would agree, however in […]

Business casual

Business casual has become the new norm in terms of how to dress for a job interview or around the […]

The Importance of Negotiation

Negotiating your contract is important. There isn’t a person on this earth that has better intentions for yourself than you. […]

How to manage your relationship with your recruiter

The relationship with your recruiter when you are a temp is an important one. They hold the keys as to […]

4 weeks notice

Handing in your notice after receiving a new offer is an exciting time. Whether or not it will come as […]

The Must Dos and Don’ts For Short Term Assignments

When you are temping, like any job, there are certain things you need to adhere to and things you shouldn’t […]

Why Temp?

As a freelancer in the entertainment industry, things can be rather unpredictable. The thing is you’ve still got to work, […]

Is Using an Agency the Right Move?

As Plan B Recruitment is an agency, you might think it is weird that we are writing this article. Truth […]

Plan B turns 8 today!

2010 doesn’t seem that long ago. I was in a steady recruitment role of 6.5 years with a well-established organisation… […]

Is your overflowing inbox causing you anxiety?

The average employee receives 121 emails per day and sends roughly 40. That is a huge amount of information that […]

Saying no to bad jobs

When looking for work, there are times where you receive no offers and times where you receive multiple at once. […]

How to stand out as an applicant

Have you been applying for jobs for a while and not hearing back? Some roles will always receive high volumes […]

How to get the most out of your work week.

Spending 38 hours of the week in an office is a reality most people endure, whether you are passionate about […]

How to turn your temp role into a permanent position

Taking on a temp role can be a great way to get into a new company. You can build your […]

Thinking about temping?

Permanent work isn’t always possible for everyone. Whether it is due to Visa restrictions, personal limitations or simply a short […]

The candidate’s offer

The job market has become increasingly competitive for both candidates and organisations. Companies are having to become more and more […]

Tips for your first day

The night before starting any new job is always filled with anticipation, excitement and, unfortunately, nerves and anxiety. There are […]

Social Media in the Workforce

It would be a revelation to none to say that the Internet is how employers are meeting and assessing potential […]

How to manage volume applications

As a recruiter, when you are working on a role with an accounting firm and you open a CV that […]

New HR Co-ordinator Role

This is a wonderful opportunity to progress your HR career with one of our favourite clients. Based in Melbourne’s leafy […]

4 Things You Didn’t Know Your CV shows Recruiters

You’ve probably heard the general points made about your Resume. Are there spelling mistakes? Is the grammar questionable? Is it […]

robots and humans in new job markets
The new job market – how can we prepare for the unknown?

A month into a new year, it’s only natural to reflect upon where we’ve been and where we’re going. For […]

Is it time to look for a new job?

Some people tell stories of how they are in their dream job and that every morning they wake up excited […]

Plan to succeed

Planning and preparing for a job interview has many advantages, the key one being that you’re more likely to ace […]

Welcome to Plan B, Kate Smeaton!

I’m excited about the year ahead & have set goals for Plan B higher standards of service quality to both […]

Thanking all Temps in 2017

This is our first video! Please excuse the shaky nature, I’m getting a tripod for Christmas 🙂

HRM: The business of being Fair, not Nice

This is a great article by Brian Walker, a global HR executive based in New York. It’s an informative piece […]

Fearing 9am

What’s worse – the fear of long term unemployment, or the fear of expectation & responsibility that comes with a […]

Do they need to like me?

Everyone wants to be liked, and whilst popularity amongst peers might seem more fitting when describing a school yard, we […]

My Aussie Working Holiday – Pt 6. How I work AND holiday!

Different working holiday makers divide their work and holiday differently. Some travel the country, picking up jobs on their way […]

My Aussie Working Holiday – Pt 5. Keeping friends at home and making friends away

My friend from university had been considering getting a Working Holiday visa and coming to meet me down under, but […]

My Aussie Working Holiday – Pt 4. That “New Place Feeling”

My first days in Melbourne were indescribably exciting: an adventurous glimpse into my new life. Life admin tasks like opening […]

Short-term Temping: Does Giving Notice Matter?

Short-term temp assignments (1-2 weeks) are often great for getting some cash-flow in quickly. They are similar to merchant fishing […]

My Aussie Working Holiday – Pt 3. A Professional Working Holiday Maker

After a brilliant first month of frolicking and exploring what seemed a significant portion of Australia’s stunning east coast (actually […]

My Aussie Working Holiday – Pt 2. Made it down under! Now where shall I live?

When I visited Melbourne in 2013 with my partner, his brother joined us. He was on a Working Holiday Visa, […]

My Aussie Working Holiday – Pt 1. Heading Down Under

I’m Melanie, and as John mentioned in his introduction, I’m currently living and working in Melbourne on a Working Holiday […]

Introducing Melanie – Our Travelling/Temping Guru

Within social and business media circles in the recruitment world, we often hear what consultants are doing as consultants, but […]

Know your worth

I have written previously about the benefits of volunteering. Not just in terms of doing a good thing for those […]

Cover Letters: Trash or Treasure?

  When I was young (circa the Warwick Capper Era), our school careers advisors would talk about applying for work […]

career change
Should I stay or should I go?

I’ve always been intrigued by people who leave employment security and stability to follow a new path. The people that […]

work-life balance
Reclaim your life!

I was speaking to my accountant recently who was boasting about his unwavering work ethic. The drive and sacrifices it […]

Passive Aggressive Job Applications – Do they Work?

A few weeks ago I received an application for an HR role from a candidate who looked good to begin […]

Why temping could be the perfect solution

The job hunt often begins enthusiastically. Your first online search yields a long list of results and it’s difficult to […]

But they’ll think I’m too old!

I recently went to one of our clients to do an outplacement talk to team of high-performing customer service-based staff […]

Lacking the necessary skills or experience? Here’s an idea…

It’s one of the most frustrating things you can hear as a job hunter, and something that can leave you […]

Got Time for a Lazy Reference Check?

In a time where Recruiters need to prove their worth more than ever, it astounds me as to what practices […]

Welcome to 2017

Whilst any day is a good day to make a change or a resolution, there is always a flurry of […]

Process Vs. Destination

We are attainment machines – always working towards something. Sometimes though, without noticing it, our process becomes our destination. Recently, […]

Mindfulness Meditation Challenge

The Challenge: I will meditate every single day for at least ten minutes. Doesn’t sound like much does it? But […]

To Follow up, or Not to Follow Up…

You’ve just applied for a job online, which is being handled through an agency. The job looks good, but you […]

Happy Birthday To You!

We had a birthday over here at Plan B this week! Happy birthday to John who turned a wonderful 32 […]

The Recruiter/Barista Relationship

One can’t overstate the fact that we Melbournians are quite particular about our coffee.  When you break it down, it’s the […]

How I started my day with a sober morning rave.

Morning Gloryville, the pre-work dance party! Yep, you read that correctly. Maybe a 6:15am Cycle class is your calling or […]

What’s new here at Plan B

There has been quite a bit of movement over here at the Plan B offices – welcoming our new website, […]

Plan B Recruitment. The difference.

In this day and age, recruitment can be a tough gig. There are the big players, the smaller boutique and […]

A positive attitude will get you the job!

Positive attitude | Here are some very simple, easy to follow tips to use to get you the job you […]

The cost of recruiting yourself.

To handle the process of recruiting yourself or outsource to a recruitment specialist? That is the question. There are arguments […]

Rohan and the Remarkable Return

It takes guts to say goodbye to your well-established career so you can take a punt at a completely foreign […]

REFERRALS – the best source of hire…..

Referrals trump any other way of recruitment in our book! Think about how you find your candidates these days… how […]

Unleash the potential – how to get the most out of your temporary staff.

Many organisations believe that temporary staff are just that. And in many situations, they are. That is what they are […]

Are you TEMPted to become permanent?

“Temps”, also known as freelancers, consultants and contractors are hired by companies when they need short-term workers. Or “temps” may […]

What do you actually WANT in a job?

Take another look. Think about what many people are looking for a in a job these days… more and more […]

A tempting path to a Permanent position

Having a tertiary education or equivalent higher education was once like currency, an easy foot in the door to the […]

Partnership, understanding and results

We’re a fast-growing boutique recruitment agency specialising in temporary, contract and permanent office support placements. Based on the simple premise […]

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