Podcast Of The Week

One of the most important parts about finding a job is having confidence in your strengths. This podcast gives you […]

Boost your job application chances with these ‘One-percenters’

It’s the little things that get noticed. When you’re up against a lot of competition for a role, it’s important […]

Can’t get in? Look for the Side Door.

Early in your career, it’s hard to get the exact role you are after in the corporate world. You will […]

Are you overanswering in your interviews?

During the lockdowns (and still to this day I became a little bit ‘bingey’ with real-life crime-based YouTube Channels, most […]

Accounts Receivable Specialist

Our Client is one of the most progressive and reputable aged care home providers, offering more than 50 elegant, well-located […]

Thinking about temping?

Permanent work isn’t always possible for everyone. Whether it is due to Visa restrictions, personal limitations or simply a short […]

Why Unemployment is set to stay below 5% for years to come

Unfathomably, Australia’s unemployment rate has sunk to 3.5%. Even harder to believe is that it will soon sink lower – perhaps […]

“Alarming”: A third of bosses actively discourage staff working from home

The insistence of some bosses to keep employees coming into the office even when they are technically permitted to work from […]

The War for Workers as we exit Lockdown

The waiter who used to stack pancakes at your favourite cafe may now be pulling shifts on a building site, […]

“If there’s a doubt, leave them out.”

I first heard this piece of recruitment wisdom in my rookie years. I was temping at IPA Personnel on Collins […]

Site Administrator

This is a brilliant opportunity to be part of a highly-regarded organisation in the field of community health care.  Due […]

Customer Service Consultant

This role is a little different! Play an essential part with this widely-known and much-loved Real Estate webtech organisation. You’ll […]

EA with Retail Icon

Seize this brilliant opportunity to work for one of Australia’s leading fashion retailers in a unique role that blends HR […]

Somehow Related: Resumes and Fly-Fishing

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love a good analogy. One of my favourite recruitment-based analogies is that preparing […]

147+ Job Applications? Tips to stay motivated.

When economic downturns hit, the number of jobs decrease, and to make matters worse, the number of applicants increase. Most […]

Client Services Consultant

This is a wonderful role that combines customer service, problem solving and guidance through one of Australia’s best Real Estate […]

Payments Specialist/Analyst

We’re hiring! Due to business growth, this progressive Energy Analytics and Optimisation consultancy is in need of a Payments Specialist/Analyst. […]

Career path adventures

When John asked me to write a blog post I was stumped. I had not written in a few years […]

Setting yourself up for success.

Our lives are so packed with things we need to do, it is often hard to find time to work […]

Plan B’s Team for 2020

It has been a whirlwind 3 months here at Plan B. We have a new look team, as we welcomed […]

“If there’s a Doubt, Leave them Out”

“If there’s a doubt, leave them out.” I first heard this piece of recruitment wisdom back in early 2001. I […]

Why we do Face-to-Face Interviews

Starting a new job will always be a little daunting and you never really know what to expect when jumping […]

Plan B Turns 9!

When I started Plan B in August of 2010, I was simply keen to get to the end of the […]

Oh Kate, We’ll Miss You!

It’s always a bittersweet day when you say goodbye to a wonderful team-mate that has been instrumental to the growth […]

How to Turn Down a Job Offer Without Burning Bridges.

There are infinite job opportunities when you’re looking for your next career move. While it is often a struggle to […]

Managing Your Recruitment Process: Applications

How to manage multiple job applications. Job hunting is a difficult process. Between the endless number of job boards and […]

Join the Plan B Story!

This is a rare opportunity to springboard your recruitment story with one of Melbourne’s favourite boutique agencies. A little about […]

Your time vs. Company time. Who wins?

One of our recently-placed Administrators walked out of a management meeting half-way through stating that “It was now her lunch […]

How to Regain Your Motivation

Everyone has times where they find themselves disinterested in their job. Whether it is a lack of direction, repetition or […]

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

Hard work is necessary to be successful in any job, however there are two versions: working long hours and being […]

Graduate Recruitment

Why Your CV is Being Overlooked. As many young graduates prepare to launch their career these coming months, some less […]

When you find yourself on the ‘outside’ at work…

I recently came across this great article which summed up the plight of many candidates that we meet who need […]

Starting 2019 Strong

Christmas time has been and gone, New Year’s celebrations have left us all a little worse for wear. Now, as […]

Is Your Career in a Rut?

As we approach the New Year, it is important to reflect on the year that has been and the year […]

Building a Career Plan

Career plans are a great tool that are often undervalued, overlooked and forgotten. No matter what stage you are at […]

Staying Active at Work

Maintaining an active lifestyle in conjunction with your 9 to 5 can be a challenge. Humans were never built to […]

What it takes to become an EA

One question we receive frequently from our junior candidates is “how can I become an Executive Assistant?” With little-to-no experience, […]

Three Questions for an Expert: HR Business Partner

Monique is one of my earliest mentors in Recruitment. I worked as a Resourcer for her team way back in […]

Dylan: From Temp to Top

Temping can sometimes feel like a ‘nowhere’ option, where large companies see contractors as a short-term means to an end. […]

Job Hunting This Holiday Season

Some people will say it is far too soon to be talking about Christmas. Usually I would agree, however in […]

Business casual

Business casual has become the new norm in terms of how to dress for a job interview or around the […]

The Importance of Negotiation

Negotiating your contract is important. There isn’t a person on this earth that has better intentions for yourself than you. […]

How to manage your relationship with your recruiter

The relationship with your recruiter when you are a temp is an important one. They hold the keys as to […]

4 weeks notice

Handing in your notice after receiving a new offer is an exciting time. Whether or not it will come as […]

The Must Dos and Don’ts For Short Term Assignments

When you are temping, like any job, there are certain things you need to adhere to and things you shouldn’t […]

Why Temp?

As a freelancer in the entertainment industry, things can be rather unpredictable. The thing is you’ve still got to work, […]

Is Using an Agency the Right Move?

As Plan B Recruitment is an agency, you might think it is weird that we are writing this article. Truth […]

Plan B turns 8 today!

2010 doesn’t seem that long ago. I was in a steady recruitment role of 6.5 years with a well-established organisation… […]

Is your overflowing inbox causing you anxiety?

The average employee receives 121 emails per day and sends roughly 40. That is a huge amount of information that […]

Saying no to bad jobs

When looking for work, there are times where you receive no offers and times where you receive multiple at once. […]

How to stand out as an applicant

Have you been applying for jobs for a while and not hearing back? Some roles will always receive high volumes […]

How to get the most out of your work week.

Spending 38 hours of the week in an office is a reality most people endure, whether you are passionate about […]

How to turn your temp role into a permanent position

Taking on a temp role can be a great way to get into a new company. You can build your […]

Thinking about temping?

Permanent work isn’t always possible for everyone. Whether it is due to Visa restrictions, personal limitations or simply a short […]

The candidate’s offer

The job market has become increasingly competitive for both candidates and organisations. Companies are having to become more and more […]

Tips for your first day

The night before starting any new job is always filled with anticipation, excitement and, unfortunately, nerves and anxiety. There are […]

Social Media in the Workforce

It would be a revelation to none to say that the Internet is how employers are meeting and assessing potential […]

How to manage volume applications

As a recruiter, when you are working on a role with an accounting firm and you open a CV that […]

New HR Co-ordinator Role

This is a wonderful opportunity to progress your HR career with one of our favourite clients. Based in Melbourne’s leafy […]

4 Things You Didn’t Know Your CV shows Recruiters

You’ve probably heard the general points made about your Resume. Are there spelling mistakes? Is the grammar questionable? Is it […]

robots and humans in new job markets
The new job market – how can we prepare for the unknown?

A month into a new year, it’s only natural to reflect upon where we’ve been and where we’re going. For […]

Is it time to look for a new job?

Some people tell stories of how they are in their dream job and that every morning they wake up excited […]

Plan to succeed

Planning and preparing for a job interview has many advantages, the key one being that you’re more likely to ace […]

Welcome to Plan B, Kate Smeaton!

I’m excited about the year ahead & have set goals for Plan B higher standards of service quality to both […]

Thanking all Temps in 2017

This is our first video! Please excuse the shaky nature, I’m getting a tripod for Christmas 🙂

HRM: The business of being Fair, not Nice

This is a great article by Brian Walker, a global HR executive based in New York. It’s an informative piece […]

Fearing 9am

What’s worse – the fear of long term unemployment, or the fear of expectation & responsibility that comes with a […]

Do they need to like me?

Everyone wants to be liked, and whilst popularity amongst peers might seem more fitting when describing a school yard, we […]

My Aussie Working Holiday – Pt 6. How I work AND holiday!

Different working holiday makers divide their work and holiday differently. Some travel the country, picking up jobs on their way […]

My Aussie Working Holiday – Pt 5. Keeping friends at home and making friends away

My friend from university had been considering getting a Working Holiday visa and coming to meet me down under, but […]

My Aussie Working Holiday – Pt 4. That “New Place Feeling”

My first days in Melbourne were indescribably exciting: an adventurous glimpse into my new life. Life admin tasks like opening […]

Short-term Temping: Does Giving Notice Matter?

Short-term temp assignments (1-2 weeks) are often great for getting some cash-flow in quickly. They are similar to merchant fishing […]

My Aussie Working Holiday – Pt 3. A Professional Working Holiday Maker

After a brilliant first month of frolicking and exploring what seemed a significant portion of Australia’s stunning east coast (actually […]

My Aussie Working Holiday – Pt 2. Made it down under! Now where shall I live?

When I visited Melbourne in 2013 with my partner, his brother joined us. He was on a Working Holiday Visa, […]

My Aussie Working Holiday – Pt 1. Heading Down Under

I’m Melanie, and as John mentioned in his introduction, I’m currently living and working in Melbourne on a Working Holiday […]

Introducing Melanie – Our Travelling/Temping Guru

Within social and business media circles in the recruitment world, we often hear what consultants are doing as consultants, but […]

Know your worth

I have written previously about the benefits of volunteering. Not just in terms of doing a good thing for those […]

Cover Letters: Trash or Treasure?

  When I was young (circa the Warwick Capper Era), our school careers advisors would talk about applying for work […]

career change
Should I stay or should I go?

I’ve always been intrigued by people who leave employment security and stability to follow a new path. The people that […]

work-life balance
Reclaim your life!

I was speaking to my accountant recently who was boasting about his unwavering work ethic. The drive and sacrifices it […]

Passive Aggressive Job Applications – Do they Work?

A few weeks ago I received an application for an HR role from a candidate who looked good to begin […]

Why temping could be the perfect solution

The job hunt often begins enthusiastically. Your first online search yields a long list of results and it’s difficult to […]

But they’ll think I’m too old!

I recently went to one of our clients to do an outplacement talk to team of high-performing customer service-based staff […]

Lacking the necessary skills or experience? Here’s an idea…

It’s one of the most frustrating things you can hear as a job hunter, and something that can leave you […]

Got Time for a Lazy Reference Check?

In a time where Recruiters need to prove their worth more than ever, it astounds me as to what practices […]

Welcome to 2017

Whilst any day is a good day to make a change or a resolution, there is always a flurry of […]

Process Vs. Destination

We are attainment machines – always working towards something. Sometimes though, without noticing it, our process becomes our destination. Recently, […]

Mindfulness Meditation Challenge

The Challenge: I will meditate every single day for at least ten minutes. Doesn’t sound like much does it? But […]

To Follow up, or Not to Follow Up…

You’ve just applied for a job online, which is being handled through an agency. The job looks good, but you […]

Happy Birthday To You!

We had a birthday over here at Plan B this week! Happy birthday to John who turned a wonderful 32 […]

The Recruiter/Barista Relationship

One can’t overstate the fact that we Melbournians are quite particular about our coffee.  When you break it down, it’s the […]

How I started my day with a sober morning rave.

Morning Gloryville, the pre-work dance party! Yep, you read that correctly. Maybe a 6:15am Cycle class is your calling or […]

What’s new here at Plan B

There has been quite a bit of movement over here at the Plan B offices – welcoming our new website, […]

Plan B Recruitment. The difference.

In this day and age, recruitment can be a tough gig. There are the big players, the smaller boutique and […]

A positive attitude will get you the job!

Positive attitude | Here are some very simple, easy to follow tips to use to get you the job you […]

The cost of recruiting yourself.

To handle the process of recruiting yourself or outsource to a recruitment specialist? That is the question. There are arguments […]

Rohan and the Remarkable Return

It takes guts to say goodbye to your well-established career so you can take a punt at a completely foreign […]

REFERRALS – the best source of hire…..

Referrals trump any other way of recruitment in our book! Think about how you find your candidates these days… how […]

Unleash the potential – how to get the most out of your temporary staff.

Many organisations believe that temporary staff are just that. And in many situations, they are. That is what they are […]

Are you TEMPted to become permanent?

“Temps”, also known as freelancers, consultants and contractors are hired by companies when they need short-term workers. Or “temps” may […]

What do you actually WANT in a job?

Take another look. Think about what many people are looking for a in a job these days… more and more […]

A tempting path to a Permanent position

Having a tertiary education or equivalent higher education was once like currency, an easy foot in the door to the […]

Partnership, understanding and results

We’re a fast-growing boutique recruitment agency specialising in temporary, contract and permanent office support placements. Based on the simple premise […]

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