Process Vs. Destination

We are attainment machines – always working towards something. Sometimes though, without noticing it, our process becomes our destination.

Recently, I was training for the Melbourne (half) Marathon. Whilst I was not crazy enough to attempt the full marathon – I did think the 22km possible. Of course the obligatory purchase of new runners ensued and I downloaded an app to track my progress. I have always been quite athletic but I now had 12 weeks to build my endurance up to 22km when I hadn’t even ran 5km in months. Me being me, I ran 30km in my first week and kept at that rate with some variations over a 10 week period.

In hindsight, my eagerness was also my downfall – too much and far too quickly. Two weeks before the event, I was doing an easy 12km and was in my second lap of The Tan when I felt some serious discomfort in my achilles. I ended the run and walked home, slightly worried but very aware of my slight tendency to overreact when it comes to injuries. However, fears were confirmed in the morning when I could barely walk. Sadly I didn’t get to participate in the Melbourne Marathon and I could have easily wallowed in self pity and thought it all for nothing…


Not only did I run farther than I ever thought I could, I also met a whole new bunch of people! I got out of my comfort zone, joined a running group and was dedicated. I ran in the dark, I ran on my lunch break and even ran in the rain! This is a prime example of when my process became my destination and acknowledging it allowed me to not drown in a sea of disappointment. All of those times when I didn’t feel like running, I reminded myself of my end goal and what I wished to achieve. This is what kept me going throughout the process but when attaining my goal was no longer feasible, what was I left with? Not only am I fitter but my will power and dedication has surely doubled. I can definitely be happy with that.

So keep your eyes peeled for those silver linings because they are everywhere! I hope your weekend is filled with them, Happy Friday people 🙂

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