REFERRALS – the best source of hire…..

Referrals trump any other way of recruitment in our book!

Think about how you find your candidates these days… how you find people, how they find you and think about how much you know about them before you even meet.

At Plan B Recruitment referrals are our best source of hire. The quality of a referred candidate compared to any other wins every time. The benefits are endless.  The traditional way of ‘finding’ candidates can become redundant if you can rely on referrals.

Before you receive referrals in any business you need a network. You need a quality network of potential candidates and clients. This is where you will get your referrals.

Referrals in the recruitment agency world are paramount.

And here are a few reasons why….

The reduction in recruitment expenditure – referrals don’t have a qualified cost attached to them. They have not come from an advert or a lengthy search. We can save clients money from the outset.

The candidate has been qualified by someone else – someone knows this person, they have worked with them, been recommended them and have made an informed decision to refer them on.

Candidate quality – candidates referred by a candidate network are often better employees from other sources.

Timely – research shows that applicants hired from a referral will start their new position sooner than their counterparts.

Future opportunities – when you are known for providing referred candidates, your reputation and creative way of recruiting and retaining staff is well respected and likely to provide further opportunities and additional referrals.

By tapping into our current network and employee social networks Plan B can offer our clients, skilled, experienced, recommended candidates who in fact will be employed in a more timely manner and are more likely to be the right fit and therefore retained.

When considering hiring staff, talk to Plan B Recruitment before doing anything else!

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