When you find yourself on the ‘outside’ at work…

I recently came across this great article which summed up the plight of many candidates that we meet who need a Plan B. All of us have experienced the ever-changing facets of the workplace; whether it be new management, revised role responsibilities, or a different cultural direction. This is all fine, except when you somehow find yourself as the one who isn’t informed, included or part of the changes going on with your organisation and the role you play in it. You should be concerned as research says that your days could well be numbered.

In an attempt to abridge the aforementioned article, here are 4 quick pointers to help avoid getting the chop when you find yourself on the outer:

  1. Know the warning signs
  2. Act immediately to reverse the damage
  3. Have your job-search Plan B ready
  4. Move forward without a grudge

Major warning signs: Being made aware of your shortcomings by management, or being asked by a manager if you need help performing your role. Not being invited to meetings, missing out on project roles, a reduction in managerial communication or increased antagonism towards you are all indicators you’re out in the cold.

Be humble and ask for (or provide) a road-map forward to improve your value to the business. Take responsibility for poor performance and set goals that you can report back on. This should be your Plan A as good managers love this honest approach.

If your Plan A is going nowhere, then it’s good to have your Plan B ready (no pun intended!) for other external opportunities that may well suit you better.

Be the professional, and don’t let ego or emotion get in the way if you are welcomed back the the fold after time on the outside. Show that you have high EI (Emotional Intelligence) – a highly-regarded trait in employees today.

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