The Must Dos and Don’ts For Short Term Assignments

When you are temping, like any job, there are certain things you need to adhere to and things you shouldn’t do. However it’s worth noting if you are with a good agency (like Plan B Recruitment for example), then you’re already going to have all the information you need and will have an idea of what to expect. I’m always amazed at the details that I’m given and the accuracy with which the jobs turn out to be. I recall being asked to help out on a job that required me to call people and get a yes or no answer from them and mark it down. It was actually a more interesting job that the description I’ve just given. But the long and short of it was that’s what I was told and it was that simple.

Regardless of what the role is, it’s important to be on your game and consider the following:


Find out as much information about the assignment as you can when you are booked for the role. This will help prepare you with what you can expect and what might be expected of you. For example, is there a specific dress code? (More corporate or slightly relaxed?), will there be anyone working alongside you?

Always endeavour to be prompt and on time. Although it might seem obvious, if you have more of a relaxed attitude with time, it’s worth remembering that you are not only representing yourself but the recruitment company you work for.


Leave anything to guesswork. If you have started in a new role and have forgotten something or are unsure, then it is better to ask or double check than do what you think if you really have no idea. You certainly don’t want to mess anything up, make things difficult or cause offence when a simple question to clarify was all that was needed.

Have a bad attitude. Some assignments may be more enjoyable for you than others due to the work you’re doing or the people you’re interacting with. Regardless, do the job to the best of your ability and know that the role is only temporary, as that is the role of a temp!

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