Setting yourself up for success.

Our lives are so packed with things we need to do, it is often hard to find time to work on the things we actually want to do. If we don’t actively carve out time in our busy schedules to work on ourselves and our passions, without question, our time will get easily lost in the busyness and mundane duties of day to day life.

Let’s be honest, when we look back on our lives we want to say ‘I truly achieved some awesome things’ not I wish I had done x,y,z… you can change that. YOU can take control of your life and what you want to achieve.

Most of us find our lives are filled to the brim with tasks to complete, HOW do we make that time for ourselves? Well, let’s look at how we can implement change that will stay.

In order to make this goal a priority we need to identify what is most important for us and how it will align us on the path to our ‘ideal selves’. Having a clear vision is what will inspire us, keep us motivated and on track to achieving our goals. What makes you feel inspired? Use that inspiration to create a statement that is inspiring and really motivates you every day.

Once you have this vision, really drill down into WHY you want it. Not just ‘I want to have a new xyz’ but what really motivates you to the core. It could be work related, family related or a personal motivation. This will help you be able to stick to your goals and create meaningful change in your day to day life. – it’s a snowball effect!

Now it is time to start small, work backwards and really break that vision goal into achievable every day or every week activities. These could be as simple as; ‘I will wake up 15 minutes early every day this week’ or ‘I will go for a 15 minute walk on my lunch break every day this week’ by starting with small goals we are more likely to be able to achieve them. This creates a success momentum, making the larger sometimes daunting goals appear a lot more manageable and achievable.

This is just the beginning of your success journey, there will be setbacks that’s called life! But it’s how we get back on track that is important. Use the “failures” to fuel your fire even more. What will you do this week to take that first step?

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