Boost your job application chances with these ‘One-percenters’

It’s the little things that get noticed. When you’re up against a lot of competition for a role, it’s important to make yourself just that ‘little bit better’ than the other candidates. There are a lot of employment consultants who will tell you dress up your resume a certain way in order to be noticed, but in my 20+ years in looking at resumes, here are several ‘little things’ you can do to improve your chances:

  • Following up after submitting your application with a simple inquisitive phone call. Hardly anyone does this, and if you’re great on the phone and have a good background – it will exponentially help.
  • Check your application for any spelling mistakes, simply by getting others to check through it. Don’t always trust spell checker. Believe me, your last “roll as a manger” will be perceived much better. 
  • With dates on your resume, put ‘Feb 2018 – Nov 2018’, not ‘2018’ or ‘2018-2018’.  What are you trying to hide?
  • Always keep on top of responding to recruiters quickly, even if to simply acknowledge receipt. It gets noticed.
  • Dot points are better than huge paragraphs.
  • Explain the background, location & purpose of the companies you have worked for.
  • Include your residential suburb! If you live in Hoppers Crossing and the role is in the West – you’ve got a much better chance of being shortlisted. Recruiters are happiest with short commutes.
  • Manage all of your social media profiles so they look respectable. Recruiters are also keen private investigators.
  • Respond to communication quickly. Your responsiveness could be the difference between you and the other candidate.

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