Unleash the potential – how to get the most out of your temporary staff.

Many organisations believe that temporary staff are just that. And in many situations, they are. That is what they are there for, to assist with temporary assignments, projects, staff leave and the like.

What many companies may not consider is that temps often become a permanent staff members and the benefits are endless when this works out. Some of the benefits of using temporary staff in your organisation with the view to possible permanent employment can include:

The preparation period, temping makes them more employable.

The company has the opportunity to find their next star employee through the use of temps. A try before you buy scenario if you like! It is about how seeing a person performing in a role is infinitely better than ‘guessing’ how they would perform from the information you gathered in an interview.

Going in with a positive mindset can mean the organisation can get more out of the temp, can assist in the process of either using the temp again and again or offering them a permanent job.

Some of the ways you can get best from your temps include:

  1. Set realistic targets and expectations from the get go.  Enjoy open communication about what is expected, have their manager to sit down and have the open conversation.
  2. Ask for their input. Involve them. You can only gain from this. They are an outsider and can offer new perspective, new ideas and a different point of view
  3. Buddy them up. Ensure that your temps have a buddy during their assignment. Temps can often feel a little isolated for obvious reasons. Quash this by including them as part of the team from day one.
  4. Be open and honest. If they are worthy of consideration, let them know if you have any potential opportunities and encourage them to apply.
  5. Provide feedback. As with permanent staff, this is their job. Provide them with regular feedback to highlight areas of improvement and praise them in areas they are excelling. This is beneficial for both parties along the way.
  6. Offer training.  Temps also require training, mentoring and induction programs. This will also hold them in good stead for a possible offer of a permanent position within the organisation.

These are just a few tips to make the most of your temps, to get more out of them and for both the temp and the company to benefit in the long term.  If you are an organisation that requires the use of many temps – be creative. There are certainly many other ways you can entice people to work within your organisation and keep them there!

For more information on hiring temporary staff and how to get the most out of it – speak to John or Zoe at Plan B Recruitment.

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