Is your overflowing inbox causing you anxiety?

The average employee receives 121 emails per day and sends roughly 40. That is a huge amount of information that we are expected to not only read but also understand, interpret and respond to. Anxiety, stress, lack of focus and confusion are all common side affects of a never ending influx of emails. In the digital world we live in, having access to our emails from anywhere in the world means we are working 24/7.

Being aware of potential emergencies at work can be important, however the constant checking of updates and the anxiety that comes with not being up-to-date means we are never clocking off, destroying our work life balance.

Recent studies have shown that out of working professionals, 97% claimed that their work has pushed its way into their personal lives. Constantly living in a state of stress and anxiety is creating serious issues with declining job satisfaction as a result of burn out.

If you’re checking your emails and not taking the time to have a work life balance it means that your overall productivity and effectiveness will decrease. Working 24/7 at 100% is not sustainable for anyone.

Sticking to strict email checking times will help you reclaim this balance. Switching off and leaving your work at the office will allow you the time you need to recharge and refresh.

Remember, that email will still be there tomorrow. Put your health first and switch off.

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