How to stand out as an applicant

Have you been applying for jobs for a while and not hearing back? Some roles will always receive high volumes of applications. There are a few tricks to making sure you’re not overlooked.

  • Brush up your CV.
    If your CV looks bland, chances are it won’t grab the attention of a recruiter. Make sure you’re using a modern font, a pop of colour and drawing attention to your best qualities.
  • Apply for roles you’re qualified for.
    Now that your CV is ready, it’s time to start putting it out there. Applying for jobs you are qualified for increases your chances of getting a call. If you’re applying for roles where you don’t meet the requirements, the chances of getting a call dwindle. Make sure you’re being realistic with your approach and remember what the recruiter is looking for.
  • Give them a call.
    Keep track of your applications and follow up. Giving the recruiter a call and following up on your application or asking a question about the role can be a huge advantage. It doesn’t happen nearly enough, and it gives you a chance to sell yourself as being a go-getter.

Prepare your CV, read every job ad and follow up. Seems simple and when it is done, you will find your chances of finding work increase.

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